Body Lift

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Body Lift surgery, also known as belt lipectomy, tones and shapes underlying tissue by removing excess fat and skin from the abdominal, buttocks, groin, or thigh regions. Dr. Belek specializes in many Body Contouring surgeries, Body Lifts being one. Dr. Belek’s Body Lift surgery removes unwanted, saggy skin to create normal, healthy skin. Your body will go from soft to firm with a Body Lift, and you will love showing off your new and improved skin.

Causes of Excess Skin Buildup

Skin or fat that appears saggy and irregular could be due to several common causes:

  • Heredity – saggy and droopy skin could result from genetic factors
  • Aging – as you age, your skin loses elasticity and begins to sag
  • Pregnancy – excess skin build up is common after pregnancy
  • Weight Fluctuations – extreme weight loss might cause saggy skin
  • Sun Damage – skin loses elasticity with over-exposure to the sun

Despite consistent and regular exercise, it isn’t enough to improve elasticity of your skin. Surgical procedures like Body Lifts are often required to reduce excess skin and fat buildup.

Body Lift Candidates

Body Lift surgery could help patients who have:

  • Leftover skin and fat from a pregnancy or significant weight loss
  • Loose skin on hips, thighs, abdomen, or posterior
  • Good overall health and do not smoke
  • No medical conditions that inhibit surgery or recovery
  • Positive outlook and realistic expectations

If you want to get rid of the droopy and saggy appearance of your body, schedule a consultation with Dr. Belek and find out if a Body Lift is right for you.

Before & After Photos

The Procedure

Step 1: Anesthesia

Dr. Belek will perform the surgery while the patient is under sedation, and you won’t feel a thing. For the patient’s comfort and safety, Dr. Belek uses either anesthesia or intravenous sedation to put the patient under, and will he recommend the best option for you.

Step 2: Incision

Typical areas that see sagging of skin are the abdominal region, posterior, groin, or thigh. Depending on the location of excess skin and fat buildup, Dr. Belek will make an incision at the appropriate size and location to perform the surgery successfully. Using advanced techniques, incisions are made in strategic locations that can be easily hidden and are barely noticeable with most clothing and swimwear.

Step 3: Removal of Excess Skin and Reshaping Tissues

Once the incision is made, fat and saggy skin are excised by direct removal, and/or liposuction. After the excess fat and skin are removed, the underlying tissue is tightened and reshaped to give your skin the toned, normal appearance you want.


Recovery times and results will vary based on the individual patient, and the amount of excess skin removed. Dr. Belek will provide detailed instructions on how to handle recovery from your Body Lift surgery, including:

  • Medications to reduce pain and bruising
  • Bandages and drains to collect fluid after surgery
  • Compression garments to reduce swelling, support body tissues, and flatten skin
  • When to schedule a follow-up appointment

While scarring results from surgery, the noticeability of the scars will be minimal due to strategic locations of the incisions, and they should fade with time. If you want to contour your body, eliminate undesirable skin and fat, improve self-image and boost confidence, set up a consultation with Dr. Belek. As with all cosmetic procedures, the most important thing is to have realistic expectations of your results. During an initial consultation with Dr. Belek, you will discuss your medical history and your goals for seeking a body lift.

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