Thigh Lift

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As we age or due to weight fluctuations, skin can begin to sag and look older. When this happens to the skin on the upper leg, a thigh lift has been an effective way to regain tighter, more youthful skin. If you feel that a thigh lift is the right option for you, contact Kyle Belek MD.

How a Thigh Lift Works

Results will be immediately noticeable, but may take several months for the full benefits to develop.

A thigh lift is a cosmetic procedure that raises and tightens loose skin around the thighs. Dr. Belek will make a small, easily-hidden incision in either the groin crease or inner thigh. Dr. Belek will then remove excess fatty tissue and loose skin, reducing the thigh circumference and improving the overall body shape.

Thigh lift patients are typically given a general anesthetic, and the procedure usually lasts 2-3 hours depending on the degree of work being performed. Average recovery time for a thigh lift is between 2 to 3 weeks. If possible, strict bed rest for the first week following surgery is recommended to help speed up recovery time.

Benefits of a Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is an effective way to boost lowered self-esteem due to fatty or saggy thighs. The procedure can improve the shape, contour, and size of your thighs, allowing you to achieve your ideal figure. You may also notice additional benefits, including better-fitting clothing and smoother skin.

Ideal Candidates for a Thigh Lift

If you are considering a thigh lift, here are a list of qualities that make for an ideal candidate

  • Relatively stable weight
  • Excess soft tissue around the thigh region
  • Healthy individuals with no prior medical conditions
  • Non-smokers
  • Positive outlook and realistic goals

If you feel that you are an ideal candidate for a thigh lift, and desire firmer, youthful-looking thighs, contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Call us today at (415) 968-9652.