Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction surgery involves removing some of the tissue and skin from the breasts, in order to reduce their size. Often referred to as reduction mammoplasty, this type of cosmetic procedure will help to alleviate issues the patient suffers from as a result of overly large breasts and achieve a more proportionate breast size.

Common Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

As a result of breasts that are overly large, a woman may experience both health and emotional
problems, experiencing issues with her self-image in addition to discomfort or pain.

  • Reduce chronic pain that affects your quality of life
  • Difficulty exercising or participating in sports
  • Attempting to reduce unwelcome attention
  • Difficulty finding clothing that fits

The Procedure

Breast reduction surgery is usually performed under a general anesthetic, and during the procedure you will be asleep and will not experience any pain. Breast reduction surgery typically lasts between 2-5 hours, and may require an overnight stay in the hospital.

  • 3 surgical incisions will be made around the areola, down to the crease under your breast, and across the lower crease of your breast
  • Extra fat, skin, and breast tissue are removed. The nipple and areola are moved to a higher position, and possibly repositioned for cosmetic reasons.
  • The incisions are closed with stiches to reshape the breast.

Following the procedure, a bandage will be wrapped around your breasts and chest. You may require the use of a surgical or soft supportive bra for a few weeks.

Before & After Photos


Most patients report a good outcome from breast reduction surgery, and often feel better about their appearance and their ability to perform various activities.

Pain should decrease within a few weeks following the surgery, and may be managed with pain medicine. Swelling and bruising should disappear within a few weeks. You may experience a temporary loss of sensation in your breast and nipples following the surgery, and sensation may return over time. If your surgery required stitches, they will be removed within 2 weeks after the surgery. Scarring is permanent, but typically fade following the first year. Every attempt will be made to place the cuts so visible scarring is hidden.

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