Carpal Tunnel Release

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Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a common yet painful condition that is caused by swelling of the carpel tunnel, a rigid and narrow passageway through which the median nerve and tendons in your wrist pass through. This swelling can pinch or squeeze the nerve, causing pain, numbness, and muscle weakness.

Symptoms that May Require Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

While sensations such as the following may not immediately indicate a need for carpal tunnel release surgery, they may be an indication of carpal tunnel syndrome and to contact your physician:

  • Wrist Pain
  • Numbness and/or tingling in the hand
  • Hand weakness, tendency to drop objects
  • No relief from non-surgical options such as pain relievers or corticosteroids

The Procedure

Carpal Tunnel Release surgery is an outpatient procedure, and is done by making an incision in the carpal ligament to make more space for the nerve and tendons. A numbing agent (anesthesia) is applied to the area so you will not feel pain during the surgery. You may remain awake, but could also receive medicine in addition to the anesthesia to make you more relaxed.

  • A small surgical incision is made in the palm of your hand near your wrist
  • The transverse carpal ligament is cut, to ease pressure on the median nerve. Sometimes, if necessary, tissue around the nerve is also removed.
  • The skin and tissue are closed with stitches.

Recovery from Carpal Tunnel Release surgery varies from patient to patient, and depends on how long you showed symptoms prior to surgery, and how much damage has been done to the median nerve. Patients typically remain in a splint or heavy bandage for about a week, before beginning motion exercises or a physical therapy program.


Carpal Tunnel Release decreases pain, nerve tingling, and numbness. While most people are helped by this surgery, you may not be completely free of symptoms if you have been ailing from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a long time.

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