Male Brow Lift

Consultations offered at our two convenient locations in Marin County and Berkeley

Dr. Kyle Belek offers brow lift procedures for residents of Berkeley and the surrounding areas. His patients can take advantage of the skills offered by his team of highly trained professionals. Brow lift surgery is safe and effective, and it can greatly improve a man’s appearance, especially in the upper part of his face. If you are ready to learn more about a simple procedure that can enhance your youthful appearance, consult with Kyle Belek, MD, to find out how a brow lift can erase years from your face.

How does a brow lift procedure work?

Simply put, a brow lift raises the entire brow line while eliminating wrinkles and smoothing out loose facial skin. The procedure has much in common with a standard face-lift, but primarily works to target the upper half of the face.

Many people opt to combine brow lifts with other surgeries, like skin resurfacing and eyelid procedures. Clients need not worry about visible incision lines after a brow lift because they are naturally hidden within either the hairline or facial contours.

Good candidates for brow lift procedures usually:

  • Are in generally good physical and mental health
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery
  • Realize that a brow lift will not solve personal or psychological problems
  • Do not smoke cigarettes
  • Already have generally good skin tone

What are the benefits of a brow lift?

Typical benefits from brow lift surgery include the repositioning of a sagging brow; minimization of so-called “frown lines”; a more youthful and alert appearance; and elimination of creases on the forehead and surrounding area. (That last point explains why many people refer to a brow lift as a forehead lift).

In some extreme cases, a sagging brow can interfere with vision and make a person appear to be angry or very sad. Technically known as browplasty, the brow lift has been around for more than a century. The first such procedure was performed in 1910 by a German surgeon!

The next step

If you are a man and think you might benefit from a brow lift, take the first step and contact our office for a consultation. For those who desire an overall better look, especially in the brow region, consult with Dr. Kyle Belek to see if this procedure is right for you.

Our clients who opt for a brow lift routinely report increased self-confidence along with the obvious physical improvements. Call us at (415) 968-9652 or contact us here today for a consultation. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you look and feel your very best.