Male Mole Removal

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Moles are a skin growth that produce a pigment and can appear anywhere on the skin. They are dark in color and are harmless in most cases. However, they can be painful if rubbed against another surface, and can get in the way while shaving causing more discomfort. However, some moles can be dangerous, as they can be an indicator of skin cancer.

If your mole isn’t cancerous and you would like it removed for aesthetic reasons, contact Dr. Kyle Belek MD and his team of professionals. We will go over your options, and determine the proper course of action to take in your mole removal procedure.

Candidates for Mole Removal

  • Those who have a realistic expectation and positive outlook for the expectations
  • Those who have a bothersome mole in an inconvenient location
  • Those who are dissatisfied with the location of a mole for aesthetic purposes

Mole Removal Procedures

There are several ways your doctor could remove your mole:

  • “Shave excision.” One way to remove a mole is your surgeon can use a surgical blade to “shave” the mole off to make it level with the skin. It is the best cosmetic option, and leaves a very small scar that doesn’t require stitches. However in rare cases, the mole may return. It may also be necessary for your doctor to cut out the mole by using a deeper incision underneath the skin.
  • Freezing the mole with liquid nitrogen. Your surgeon or doctor will spray the mole with liquid nitrogen. A blister will form where the liquid nitrogen comes in contact with the skin, which will create a scab that falls off in about 24 hours.
  • Laser Mole Removal. After the mole is numbed by anesthesia, a laser is applied on the mole to excise the pigmentation, which will be cleared away by the body’s natural healing process. A scab forms over the area, which will naturally fall away.

The recovery time on a mole removal is very minimal, and patients can resume their normal activities after the procedure. Stitches may be required if deep incisions are made. Call Kyle Belek MD and find out which option of mole removal is best for you.