Male Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as “nose reshaping,” is a procedure that can be done in order to improve the appearance and proportion of your nose. It may also be able to correct breathing problems related to structural defects of the nose and nasal passages, such as a deviated septum.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Many patients choose to undergo rhinoplasty in order to make their nose more aesthetically pleasing. This may include considering surgery due to:

  • The size of your nose in relation to your face
  • Width of the nose at the bridge
  • Positioning of the nostrils
  • Asymmetrical appearance
  • Size or shape of the nostrils

In addition to the aesthetic considerations, rhinoplasty is commonly used in order to treat and correct a deviated septum and improve breathing and airflow.

The Procedure

In order to maintain your comfort during the procedure, you will receive either an intravenous sedative or a general anesthesia before the surgery.

Rhinoplasty is performed using two different methods: a closed procedure, where the incisions are hidden inside the nose, or an open procedure where an incision is made across the narrow strip of tissue separating the nostrils. The skin that covers the nasal bones and cartilage is gently raised, allowing access to reshape the structure of the nose.

After the underlying structure of the nose has been sculpted to the desired shape, the skin and tissue are replaced and the incisions are closed.

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

During your recovery from Rhinoplasty, a splint and/or packing will most likely be placed inside your nose, along with a bandage on the outside to support and protect your nose’s new structure during the initial healing process. The recovery process varies depending on the type of procedure, but initial swelling typically goes down within a few weeks. However, it may take up to a year for your new nose to refine itself, and during this time you may notice gradual changes to the appearance as it refines to its permanent shape.