Male Scar Revision

Consultations offered at our two convenient locations in Marin County and Berkeley

Do you have a scar that’s more noticeable than you’d like it to be? Even a relatively small scar can have a significant impact on one’s confidence and self-esteem. If you feel your appearance is negatively affected by a scar of any shape or size, get in touch with Kyle Belek MD today. We provide multiple options for scar removal, and our experienced cosmetic team is standing by to help residents of Berkeley and the surrounding area.

What is Scar Revision Surgery?

Scar revision surgery is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that uses surgical revision to restore function to the affected area, which may have been caused by infection, previous trauma, or even acne. The purpose of scar revision surgery is to minimize the appearance of a scar, making it effectively blend in with the skin surrounding it. You have several options in terms of specific treatment, which are determined by factors such as type and severity of scarring, location, and general skin condition. The experts at Kyle Belek MD are skilled in advance wound-closure techniques and are prepared to treat each case as unique.

How can I benefit from Scar Revision Surgery?

While it is impossible to completely erase a scar, Dr. Belek has the experience and resources to surgically minimize its appearance, thus rendering it nearly undetectable. The process is quick and minimally invasive, and will yield sometimes dramatically improved results, including appearing smoother, thinner, and less pigmented than before.

Recovery and other considerations.

Your recovery duration is dependent on the type, severity, and location of your scar. Dr. Belek and his staff will provide you with guidelines for what types of activities you should avoid post-treatment; the goal is to protect the treatment area so it can heal without being widened or stretched in any way. We will also give you a general suggestion of when to resume work and other activities based on these factors.

Call Kyle Belek MD today at (415) 968-9652 or contact us here to schedule a consultation. We’ll assess your scar and recommend the best method of treatment for you!