Keloid Removal

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A Keloid, a scar that extends beyond the original injury area and has significant tissue overgrowth, can develop anywhere on the body where there is skin abrasion. Depending on the location of the keloid, the scar might be overly noticeable or unattractive, and surgery may be required to reduce the scar’s prominence. Dr. Kyle Belek, MD performs keloid removal surgery in Marin County using several treatment options, and specializes in skin scarring and healing remedies.

Symptoms of Keloids

There are a number of symptoms patients with keloids may experience. Typical symptoms associated with keloids involve:

  • Itching and tenderness around the skin
  • Scarring that spreads beyond original injury boundary
  • Painful or burning sensation at the scar
  • Fleshy to brown, or pink to red skin color

When skin becomes overly sensitive, chronically itchy and painful, or is in a directly noticeable location, keloid removal surgery in Marin County is often the best answer.

Causes of Keloids

Keloids may develop due to any number of causes. For example, body piercings, skin infections and burns, surgical incisions, and skin abrasion could all cause keloids.

The development of keloids varies greatly depending on the person. However, they are equally common in men and women, and people of all skin types. Usually, those who have many piercings are the most susceptible.

Common treatment procedures include:

Cortisone Injection: Dr. Belek injects cortisone into the keloid site to minimize the scar; injections are painless and usually given once a month until the scar’s noticeability is reduced.

Laser Treatment: This procedure flattens the keloid and creates more normal skin color and consistency; laser removal is relatively pain-free and several treatments may be needed for optimal results.

Cryotherapy: Removes keloids by freezing the affected area with liquid nitrogen; may alter treatment area skin color.

Radiation: Direct radiation to the scarring area could remove keloids.


As with all cosmetic surgeries, success and recovery times will vary based on each individual patient and the procedure. Patients may experience some bruising, tenderness or pain, and swelling in the area where surgery took place, but symptoms should subside after a few weeks. Patients may consider Tylenol to reduce discomfort and symptoms.

Dr. Belek uses advanced and specialized techniques to produce the best results and minimal scarring, as well as quick recovery time. Dr. Belek’s keloid removal surgery in Marin County removes unwanted scar overgrowth and creates a more normalized, attractive skin appearance and tone.

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