Mole Removal

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Did you know that most adults have between 10 to 40 moles on their body?

The problem is that they can create an undesirable aesthetic on your face and body. Some may even potentially be cancerous. Luckily, moles, birthmarks and lesions are easily removable through surgery. Kyle Belek MD can remove moles, birthmarks and lesions that are unsightly and potentially hazardous. Mole removal surgery in Marin county is complex process and can be explained best by Dr. Kyle Belek once you set your initial consultation.

Methods of Mole Removal

  • Excision with cauterization: This method shaves the mole down, and then cauterizes the site with an electrical instrument or solution.
  • Excision with stitches: This second method involves cutting out the mole and some surrounding tissue. Then the site is closed up with sutures.

Local anesthetic is generally used for comfort of the patient. It is applied to the site of the procedure. These techniques are both performed when removing lesions and birthmarks on the body.

What Benefits can I expect with mole removal surgery in Marin County?

When getting a mole removal procedure done by Kyle Belek, MD you will be riding yourself of unsightly moles. This can allow you to have a more symmetrical look if they are on your face. Removing discolored moles, birthmarks and lesions can also help your health. Moles that are irregular can be further examined to make sure they are not cancerous. Prior to your mole removal surgery in Marin county, during a consultation, Dr. Belek will be able to evaluate your moles and recommend the best technique for removal.

Recovery and Considerations

Recovery is generally quick, and mole removal surgery in Marin County is classified as a minor cosmetic procedure. However, it may take time for the procedure site to fully heal. This is especially true if you have excision with sutures. You will have to wait for them to either fall off or be removed.

In some circumstances there can be minor scarring. However, this is minimal based on the extensive training and precision of Dr. Belek. Before your procedure, Dr. Belek will be able to go over any potential complications that may occur.

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